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Güven Amusement Rides Factory which has been active in funfair and entertainment sector since 1979 is serving you, the dear clients, with high quality and economic products. We, through our products and quality assurance, are addressing not only to the local markets in Turkey but also to the global ones. We offer a wide range of funfair products consisting of both standard type and special kinds which are being developed by particular demands and designs. Our vehicles, all having mobile versions, are equipped with high standard of technology and safety.

Our products, which we produce on the grounds of our clients’ demands, are being created in an impressive and interesting way. Therefore we, as a sectoral body, caught a remarkable trend of progress. In this respect, we are serving with high quality of products based on the experience and acknowledgment within the sector of funfair and entertainment as a meritorious brand.

Your pleasure and gratification are the primary concern of us, so we seek to maintain your contentment even after sale by offering our service for our products which are originally, colorfully and attractively decorated.

We provide, with the best and most profitable products, technical support to our clients who, thus, could earn maximum profits and improve their activities in the sector. We are proud of marketing our products with quality assurance and production standards in this sector in which we supply spare parts and technical support in the direction of our activities.

Regarding the momentum the entertainment sector has had recently, we are determined to continue our efforts and service to satisfy our clients as well as not to be wasted the money invested to keep the interest in funfairs alive.